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Auto Refresh Premium is the best extension that helps you
auto refresh and auto reload on a timer. 
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"It saves you tons of time as you don’t have to think about 

refreshing all the time. It is very flexible and suits any lifestyle 

as you can set different time intervals for each website"

The Auto Refresh Premium Main Features

Set time interval

You can set the time interval in which the page should be refreshed again

Different intervals

It is possible to set different time intervals for several websites

Completely free

It is easy to use, completely free and work on most websites.

Our Philosophy

The extension is created by young and ambitious
developers and graphic designers that wanted to 
help its users with being able to auto reload 
every website possible in a cool and fancy way. 

The first Auto Refresh Premium was created in 2016 with 
limited functionalities and since then we have added
some useful features that have been requested from
you – e.g. several auto refresh timers for the different 


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Jean Pape

Sara Clark

What They Said

We are very proud to get 4,7 Star from more than +2000 Reviews on Chrome Web Store

The extension is created by young & ambitious 
developers that wanted to help its users 
by enabling them to auto reload 
every website possible

Auto Refresh Premium

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"There is nothing bad I could say about this auto-refresher. You can adjust the time and it offers color options to let you know when it's about to refresh.  Works every time.  I've been using this for years and can't imagine not having it."

"Awesome extension! Especially for people who want to buy a product online on Flash Sale! 
So many good reasons to get this extension. Thank you so much to the whole developer team You get 5 out of 5 Stars!! :) ."

Auto Refresh Premium

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- Thomas Kaspinski

Head of Development

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